Super-fan of singer filmed receiving oral sex on stage gets huge tattoo of her

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    A Brazilian mega-fan of the controversial singer who was filmed receiving oral sex on stage revealed she got a massive tattoo of the star.

    The fan, whose name is not currently known, shared the bizarre tattoo to her Instagram account along with a picture of her meeting 24-year-old MC Pipokinha and hugging her tightly.

    The singer, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, has made headlines across the world following a series of controversies.

    She first went viral after she shared a horrifying video showing her cats sucking on her nipples.

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    MC Pipokinha was also filmed having a naked fan go down on her while on stage in Brazil.

    The super-fan shared the photo of the tattoo, which appears to take up a huge portion of one of her arms, saying what she “wanted most was to get a tattoo with [the singer’s] face”.

    “Thank God for having realised a big dream of mine, which was to meet this amazing woman,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

    “Thank you, my God. GOD IS WONDERFUL,” she added.

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    The fan's saved Instagram stories revealed that she has met the controversial starlet on several occasions.

    Her followers were left divided by her life-changing decision to get the massive tattoo of her favourite singer.

    “It looks great, love it love it,” one social media user wrote.

    Meanwhile, another simply wrote: “Jesus.”

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    The wild starlet, who is known for writing and singing sexually explicit songs, was previously forced to publicly apologise for making derogatory comments about teachers' salaries while on stage last month.

    She has claimed to be the adopted daughter of a Mormon family, and that her mum only let her play religious music while she grew up.

    Brazilian media managed to find pictures of her pregnant at the age of 16, with sources close to the singer reportedly confirming that she does in fact have a daughter.


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