Supercomputer that made apocalypse prediction reckons ‘world could end by 2050’

A supercomputer designed to predict patterns in human civilisation has made the terrifying prediction that life as we know it will end by the year 2050.

The machine, made in 1973 by top university professors, has already seen several of its predictions come true, including the drop in availability of natural resources and vital minerals.

Its sophisticated algorithm takes into account a variety of factors including birth rates and pollution levels to put forward estimates of what life will be like.

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At the time, its prediction for 2020 claimed that the planet’s condition would be “highly critical”.

“If we do nothing about it, the quality of life goes down to zero,” an eerie news report on the supercomputer broadcasted.

"Pollution becomes so serious it will start to kill people, which in turn will cause the population to diminish, lower than it was in the 1900.

"At this stage, around 2040 to 2050, civilised life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist."

The gloomy machine, commissioned by the Club of Rome and dubbed “World One”, warned that driving cleaner cars and lowering birth rates is such a small change it is almost irrelevant in securing the survival of the world.

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Unfortunately for humankind, the supercomputer’s predictions are backed up by Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, one of the country’s most distinguished astrophysicists.

He has also predicted a gloomy future for mankind, claiming disastrous threats from climate change to an over-reliance on technology will make it very difficult for humanity to survive.

But he said that if we can overcome the huge challenges ahead humankind could live on for a very long time – although not as we know it.

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