A diminutive OnlyFans model has been left speechless after checking her latest electricity bill.

Power-lifting 4ft8in tall content creator Peta took to TikTok on Wednesday to reveal her horror at the massive jump from in cost from one bill to another.

Energy bills are through the roof in the UK with the cost-of-living crisis ravaging and it appears even X-rated adult stars are feeling the crunch.

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How much energy Peta uses and why she may be using so much, has been a source for plenty of sex toy gags from her admirers.

Using TikTok's green screen effect to reveal Peta's bill changes, she said: "How the f*** direct debit for my electric, just my electric gone from £87 to £793? I'm just going to f***ing kill myself."

Peta captioned the clip: "You’re having a absolute giggle."

The significant increase was set to kick in on October 26, leaving one fan wondering whether she had moved into Buckingham Palace.

Fans reacted to Peta's baulking reaction by pointing out that her career creating racy content with the assistance of electronic devices, may have something to do with it.

Jokes have been fired left, right and centre at the performer who goes by the social media moniker of Power Midget thanks to her height and strength.

"Charging all those batteries," one fan cheekily commented.

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Thinking along the same lines, another person wrote: "U need a diesel generator parked outside to charge all them toys"

A third quipped: "probably due to you cuttin about the house with no clothes on and blasting the heating."

Seeing the funny side, Peta hastily replied: "Dont out me like that."

Other comments included: "you left a toy on charge?"

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One fan even suggested the soaring expense of Peta's electricity may mean cutting back on her expenditure elsewhere, such as trips to have more ink added to her body.

Needless to say, she was not overly impressed with the advice.

"You'll have to give up getting more tattoos lol," Peta was told.

She replied: "Neverrrr."


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