A monster hunter has told how a “Bigfoot creature” terrifyingly tried to get into a couple’s car amid a frenzy of reports that the mysterious being had been spotted in the same area of the US.

Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn has had an interest in monsters and swamps since an early age and has now become a well established as investigator, especially of the mythical Bigfoot.

He has catalogued cases of possible Bigfoot sightings and other paranormal events.

One of the most bizarre incidents he has researched was a supposed attack by a possible Bigfoot creature in Lake Worth, Texas in the summer of 1969.

The “Lake Worth monster” as it became known was the subject of numerous newspaper articles at the time and a book was also written about it.

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Unlike many Bigfoot sightings, the creature was white but it had all the other hallmarks of the mysterious creature.

According to Lyle, it even made a bid to get inside a car to the horror of the people inside.

“Back in 1969 it was heavily wooded out there, you know there was some kind of lovers lane and gravelled roads and kids would go out there to drink and things,” said Lyle.

“And one evening some couples were parked out there and they said that some sort of bizarre creature tried to attack them or get into a car.

“They described it as whitish or maybe having white hair, it seemed to walk upright, its description crossed over into goatman although it was a sort of Bigfoot height description

“That case has become a legends of lore of Texas, Lake Worth monster.”

Lyle said that only recently a man had got in touch who had witnessed Bigfoot creature.

He continued: “This guy said he had been there right in the heyday of that stuff in 1969. While they didn’t get a very clear sighting, they saw a large upright silhouette of something in the moonlight between the trees one evening and that corresponded with other reports of the time.

“So it was just a regular guy with a story and it was definitely a credible witness.”

Lyle said that the reports of the creature were mainly in the years after 1969 but there were occasional stories going into the 1980s.

He said: “A woman named Sallie Ann Clarke wrote a book called the Lake Worth Monster and she fielded quite a lot of reports probably 20 or 30 at the time.

“Then I’ve kind of uncovered others, most of it concentrated at that time and then it dissipated into the 70s. Occasionally it has gone on into the 80s when people in that area have reported a Bigfoot-like creature.

“So occasionally like with the other cases I’ll get the reports and add them to the catalogue.”

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