Terrified family tackle 8ft croc as it strolls into house while they’re sleeping

A family woke up to find an 8ft-long crocodile stalking through their home and urgently trapped it in a room.

At around 10.30pm on Saturday, a goat raised the alarm of a deadly intruder by bleating loud enough to wake its owners to leap into action, The Mirror reports.

Harnam Singh from Jaitia village in Etawah, in the state of Western Uttar Pradesh, India, told local media how he called the police to ask for advice.

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Mr Singh said: “We don’t know how it entered the house. When we heard the goats’ bleating at night, we realised something is wrong and found a crocodile.”

On the authorities' instruction, the family locked the reptile inside before running out to join their goats.

The wildlife department didn't arrive at the scene until around 6am when they started the rescue operation.

It took the rescue team about an hour to grab the crocodile and safely remove it from Mr Singh's house.

When Mr Singh’s daughter tried to see why her grandmother was shouting and opened the door to her room, that’s when the reptile entered the room.

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The villagers stayed awake with the family until help arrived early morning on Sunday.

Dr Tripathi who led to rescue operation said the crocodile was not a fully-grown adult, but a juvenile that had gone in search of food.

“We checked the crocodile and found that it is eight feet long. The reptile’s age is between 1.5 to 2 years,” he said.

He continued: “The villagers were very scared but we decided against carrying out the rescue operation at night as this crocodile is very aggressive.”

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He said the reptile was from a freshwater canal nearby and it will be put back where it came from.

Three weeks ago, a 6ft crocodile snuck into a family bathroom of a family in the Gujarat state in Western India.

Locals said crocodiles scaling the areas is nothing new.

"[The area] is known for having a good population of crocodiles. So, at times, crocodiles sneak out from the pond and enter into our village," Udaysinh Bhikhabhai Rathod told the Times of India.


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