An exorcist has shared nail-biting footage of the moment a man suddenly attacked him while he was investigating a theatre he believed to be infested with evil spirits.

Paul Devlin, who previously told this site the coronavirus pandemic could spark a rise in "possessions", said the frightening experience left "mental scars" and prompted him to train as a Buddhist priest and exorcist.

In the clip, which was recently shown in a documentary about Paul's exorcism work, a man is sitting in a chair in the theatre while the paranormal investigation is being carried out.

He suddenly leaps up and grabs Paul around the neck, and the two men grapple before the "possessed" man is subdued and push down onto the ground.

Paul told Daily Star: "It was a realisation that demonics and possessions are all very real and while our common sense tells us that these things can't possibly occur, it did occur and it burned into my memory."

"It was literally out of the blue," he continued. "As you can see in the video, he is very relaxed at the start of it but after that point, you will see his head tilt to the side and his body changes."

Paul said the man "didn't look human" and his body "kind of lifts up" moments before the attack.

He continued: "He went for my neck initially, and the side of my shoulders. I just put my arms up as you can see from the video, it was a struggle from that point in."

The man was filled with "pure driven anger" and Paul believed he was possessed by a "very dark soul".

Paul said he walked away with light bruising but mentally the after effects of the experience stayed with him for a long time, and he suffered many sleepless nights.

Describing the "possessed" man after the attack, Paul recalled he was "very remorseful" and "apologetic" when the chilling footage was played back to him once he recovered.

The exorcist said the man received a "bang on the head" during the exorcism and was left with no memory of the incident.

This comes after chilling claims a woman undergoing an exorcism levitated to the ceiling so hard she nearly "crashed" through it.

And a former psychiatrist claimed a woman gained "psychic powers" after being possessed and could allegedly see what people were doing all across the world.

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