‘That’s how you stand up to Putin’ Germany shamed as UK leads fight to ’stabilise’ global

Ukraine: Germany’s military offer is ‘too late’ says Prystaiko

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Russia supplies Germany with around 30 percent of its gas. Its huge dependence on Russia has left Berlin reluctant to sanction Russia’s energy sector and slash ties with Vladimir Putin, despite the majority of the EU supporting a published plan detailing how the EU can cut oil and gas imports by up to two thirds by the end of the year.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenesky, called Germany out earlier today.

He said: “We told you that Nord Stream (gas pipelines) was a kind of preparation for the war.

“And the answer we got was purely economic — it is economy, economy, economy but that was the mortar for the new Wall.”

Britain, on the other hand, only gets around five percent of its gas from Russia.

But Mr Johnson has put forward a plan to slash those last remaining ties in a huge show of force as Britain looks to “stand up to Putin” amid his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister: “It’s time we weaned ourselves off Putin’s hydrocarbons.

“We can do it. It is going to be tough but it’s going to be worth it.”

Mr Johnson headed to the United Arab Emirates to meet with his counterparts there.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the country has already taken a huge interest in investing in UK energy projects such as wind farms and nuclear energy.

Mr Johnson also visited Saudi Arabia, which Britain already imports oil from, on his trip to the Middle East to discuss a range of possible investments.

But Mr Johnson reportedly failed to secure the promise of more oil during his visit.

He tweeted: “We need to work together with partners around the world to help stabilise global energy markets, massively invest in renewable technologies and protect UK consumers.

“That’s how we can stand up to Putin’s blackmail.”

He added that this would help “make sure that we have a long term sustainable energy strategy for the UK and defend the cause of freedom itself.”

This comes as global energy prices have been rocked by Russia, which has been accused of deliberately decreasing the volumes of gas that it transits to Europe.

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While only a tiny percentage of this comes to Britain, the UK is still affected due to the integrated nature of the market.

And with the war in Ukraine tipped to make this worse, and as the EU, which relies on Russia for 40 percent of its gas, is cutting ties with Putin prices can be expected to soar further.

Britain has also committed to phasing out oil imports from Russia by the end of the year.

But the Government has been accused of hypocrisy for looking to Saudi Arabia to replace those supplies with instead, which has a horrific human rights record.

Saudi Arabia is one of 38 countries still to use the death penalty.

US intelligence also believes that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi back in 2018.

Labour leader Keir Starmer shamed Mr Johnson for eyeing up Saudi partners, claiming that “going cap in hand from dictator to dictator is not an energy strategy”.

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