The biggest moments of the World Cup so far, according to Twitter

The biggest moments of the World Cup so far, according to Twitter: Photo of Richarlison’s acrobatic goal against Serbia and tweet celebrating Messi’s opening goal against Croatia top the list

  • Agency has scoured tweets posted by official Twitter account @FIFAWorldCup
  • Tweet of Richarlison’s acrobatic strike against Serbia had the most engagement 
  • Also in the top tweets are Morocco keeper’s saves and nods to Lionel Messi

Brazilian striker Richarlison’s incredible acrobatic goal against Serbia is the biggest Twitter moment of the World Cup so far, it has been revealed. 

Sports betting site Nostrabet has studied tweets from the official @FIFAWorldCup Twitter account since Qatar 2022 began on November 20. 

It’s listed the 20  tweets posted by the account that have the biggest ‘engagement’ – the ones with the most likes, re-tweets and replies combined. 

A photo of Richarlison kicking the ball mid-air with the text ‘WOW’ racked up 284,837 likes, 39,259 re-tweets and 1,894 replies – more than any other. 

Sports betting site Nostrabet found the tweets from the official @FIFAWorldCup Twitter account with the most engagement since Qatar 2022 began

A photo of Richarlison kicking the ball mid-air accompanied with the text ‘WOW’ racked up 284,837 likes, 39,259 re-tweets and 1,894 replies

It was the second goal scored by the striker during Brazil’s win against Group G opponents Serbia on November 24.  

Meanwhile, the second most engaged World Cup tweet came after Argentina’s opening goal against Croatia in the semi-final on Tuesday. 

It only had two words – LIONEL MESSI, the goal’s scorer – but managed to get 282,290 likes, 3,442 replies and 29,444 retweets. 

Another angle of Brazil’s forward Richarlison scoring the second goal against Serbia at Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar, November 24, 2022

And the tweet with the third-most engagement, simply containing the word ‘today’, was posted on November 20, the day Qatar 2022 kicked off. 

It generated an impressive 267,275 likes, 39,074 retweets and the most replies of any tweet in the list – 4,157. 

Also included in the top 20 was a photo of Morocco goalkeeper Yassine Bounou (also known as Bono) during his quarter final heroics against Spain on December 6.

At number 20 was a tweet saying ‘obrigado’ (thanks) to Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who may have made his last appearance at a World Cup. 

The biggest tweets of the World Cup so far 

1. WOW #FIFAWorldCup | #Qatar2022 (24/11/22)

Likes 284,837 

Replies 1,894

Retweets 39,259 

Total 325,990


2. LIONEL MESSI (13/12/22)

Likes 282,290 

Replies 3,442 

Retweets 29,444 

Total 315,176


3. Today. (20/11/22)

Likes 267,275

Replies 4,157 

Retweets 39,074 

Total 310,506


4. #FIFAWorldCup Legend (13/12/22)

Likes 255,082 

Replies 1,559 

Retweets 24,114 

Total 280,755


5. THE HERO (6/12/22)

Likes 250,608 

Replies 1,595 

Retweets 25,030

Total 277,233


6. History. (10/12/22)

Likes 242,292 

Replies 2,658 

Retweets 27,173 

Total 272,123


7. Japan beat Germany. @adidasfootball | #FIFAWorldCup (23/11/22)

Likes 196,501 

Replies 3,103 

Retweets 44,328 

Total 243,932


8. [Crying face and heart emojis] (10/12/22)

Likes 209,309 

Replies 1,050 

Retweets 19,909 

Total 230,268


9. [Argentina flag emoji] v [France flag emoji] 14/12/22

Likes 198,420

Replies 2,505

Retweets 22,236 

Total 223,161


10. This is football. (9/12/22)

Likes 191,135 

Replies 2,978 

Retweets 18,246 

Total 212,359


11. History being made in front of our very eyes #FIFAWorldCup | #Qatar2022 (23/11/22)

Likes 171,633 

Replies 1,786 

Retweets 33,696 

Total 207,115


12. Croatia, wow! (9/12/22)

Likes 184,273 

Replies 3,186 

Retweets 14,735 

Total 202,194


13. One of the biggest shocks in #FIFAWorldCup history (22/11/22)

Likes 169,437 

Replies 3,324 

Retweets 20,705 

Total 193,466


14. This one goes out to all the bosses out there [heart emoji] #FIFAWorldCup | #Qatar2022 (23/11/22)

Likes 162,784 

Replies 790 

Retweets 26,467 

Total 190,041


15. That’s incredible from Messi… (13/12/22)

Likes 165,877 

Replies 1,338 

Retweets 13,699 

Total 180,914


16. We’ve got our first finalist… (13/12/22)

Likes 142,623 

Replies 1,752 

Retweets 11,992 

Total 156,367


17. Iconic. (9/12/22)

Likes 137,115 

Replies 3,079 

Retweets 15,017 

Total 155,211


18. That pass from Messi was unbelievable (9/12/22)

Likes 137,449 

Replies 1,215 

Retweets 13,183 

Total 151,847


19. What a day of football (9/12/22)

Likes 102,972 

Replies 1,220 

Retweets 12,369 

Total 116,561


20. Obrigado, @Cristiano (10/12/22)

Likes 85,308 

Replies 1,078 

Retweets 15,382 

Total 101,768


Another tweet features Morocco midfielder Sofiane Boufal dancing with his mother on the pitch after victory over Portugal four days later. 

Other highlights include a tweet hailing Croatia’s Luka Modric as a World Cup legend, which accumulated a total of 280,755 engagements.

Meanwhile, a post saying ‘This is football’, came after the Netherlands’ dramatic two goal comeback against Argentina in the quarter final, got 212,359 engagements. 

However, the biggest tweet of the World Cup could be yet to come. 

Two more World Cup matches are set to be played – the third/fourth place play-off between Morocco and Croatia on Saturday, and the World Cup final between Argentina and France on Sunday. 

‘The World Cup is reaching a climax and soon fans will start feeling nostalgic about the action at the tournament, so it’s fascinating to take a look back and see which moments made the biggest impact at the time,’ a Nostrabet spokesperson said. 

‘Richarlison’s goal is definitely one of the best this World Cup has seen, so it’s a worthy winner, while there were plenty of upsets, shocks and great performances to fill up the top 10.’ 

World Cup footballers and fans have had to face ‘unseasonable heat’ in Qatar because of climate change, study says

Climate change has made temperatures more unbearable for footballers during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, research shows. 

According to climate organisation Climate Central, footballers are facing ‘unseasonable heat’ during the tournament because of global warming. 

Fortunately, when inside the World Cup stadiums, fans and players are being kept cool by specially-fitted technology that circulates cold air – although this was turned off for England’s match against the USA, leaving players sweltering.

In extreme temperatures, athletes are at risk of suffering from heat-stress disorders such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat strokes. 

The research was based on results from the Climate Shift Index, a free and publicly-available tool on Climate Central’s website that shows how much global warming influenced a certain day’s weather around the world. 

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