Singer Robert Smith has left royal fans shocked when they realised he was only one day short of predicting the Queen's death 10 years ago.

The 63-year-old made headlines after Queen Elizabeth's death at Balmoral on Thursday as the nation grieved for the loss of the world's longest-serving Monarch.

Robert, who is the lead singer of the band The Cure, spoke about his dislike for the Royal Family in an interivew at Hurricane Festival in 2012 in Germany.

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And royal fans just found out how he eerily predicted the death of the Queen.

While he was explaining his new logo "Citizens Not Subject" on his guitar to the presenter, he boldly said: "I've always hated the Royal Fmaily and just this year it's just so irritating with the Jubilee.

"And last year it's even worse with the wedding, it's f***ing mental. I hate the notion of patronage, I'd really hate it."

He then moved on to say he didn't like to get patronised by "someone who has done nothing".

"I think there will be revolution," Robert said, leaving the presenter raising his eyebrows.

The host asked: "You think so? But the Queen is as popular as never before."

Robert answered: "The Queen is gonna die on September the…7th and there will be a huge uprising.

"And I will be made King. "

The presenter joked: "I mean, yeah, if we could vote for a King, we would vote for it."

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The interview clip was shared on TikTok, leaving many viewers shocked by his prediction.

One said: "One out of 365th is not bad odds if you're playing the lottery."

"This is like watching Simpsons," a second commented and a third added: "He was close, the public was notified on the 8th. Imagine if he said it in 2022…yikes."


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