The secret features in your iPhone's volume buttons REVEALED

The secret features in your iPhone’s volume buttons REVEALED: Users are going wild for these eight hacks

  • The volume buttons on your iPhone do more than change the sound
  • Users have uncovered eight tasks that are done by pushing the volume buttons
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There is more to your iPhone’s volume buttons than meets the eye.

Users are going wild after recently finding the sound buttons activate eight features, like snapping photos, shooting videos and scanning documents.

Some third-party developers have also developed games to incorporate the knobs, transforming them into tiny controllers.

However, Apple has added more useful tasks that are activated with just a button push.

Users are going wild after recently finding the sound buttons activate 10 features, like snapping photos, shooting videos and scanning documents

Take pictures 

Open the Camera app, hold your phone away from your face and push either volume button.

This can be done to take pictures in portrait, traditional photo and panorama modes when shooting from the rear camera

Send SOS messages

Apple lets users send text messages in the event of an emergency when a cellular network is available.

There is a dedicated app, but users can send a SOS by holding down the power button and one of the volume buttons.

This will push the text to emergency services and any contacts you labeled as an emergency.

Take videos 

This task is activated just like taking pictures. Othe Camera app first. Then, switch to video mode and press either volume button to start and finish. 

Scan documents

Many iPhone users may not know there is a built-in scanner that can be operated using the volume button.

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Simply open the Camera app and press the volume button to take a picture of the document.

This can also be done by selecting Shutter. Then drag the corners to adjust the scan to fit the page, then tap Keep Scan

Turn off alarm 

When an alarm goes off, you can long-press on the notification banner to choose whether to Snooze or Stop the alarm.

You can also press either of the volume buttons to Snooze the alarm and have it sound again nine minutes later.

Block FaceID or Touch ID

Blocking ways to access your iPhone could come in handy someday, and Apple has designed it to be a quick change. 

Press and hold the side lock button or volume button for two seconds, activating the screen to call emergency services, and once the slider appears, you can press the side buttons to lock FaceID or Touch ID.

When your iPhone freezes 

The simple trick of turning it off and on typically works when an iPhone becomes frozen.

If your iPhone does freeze, try doing a ‘hard restart’ – this is where you manually turn the phone off and then on again by holding down certain buttons.

Start by pressing the volume up button, then releasing it, then doing the same with the volume down button.

Disable volume buttons 

If you don’t want the volume buttons to affect anything on your iPhone when using a specific app, such as Music, you can take advantage of Guided Access. The accessibility feature restricts whoever’s using your iPhone to the current app, so they can’t mess around with anything else on the device.

Go to Settings –> Accessibility –> Guided Access, then toggle ‘Guided Access’ on.


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