The Whatsapp trick to boost the image quality in your messages

The Whatsapp trick to boost the image quality in your messages

  • There are three image quality settings available for Whatsapp users to pick from 

A Whatsapp user has revealed a simple trick to boost the quality of images sent on the messaging app.

The tech-savvy user posted a video on TikTok under the name @.lachief, on how to get the most out of multimedia messaging on the app.

When images are saved and sent on the platform, its software compresses the file in order to make it easier for the device to send.

While the app does this for convenience, it is sacrificing the quality of the image for speed.

One tech-savvy TikTok user, @.lachief, has found a way of ensuring quality remains high when sending images on Whatsapp 

Even if a video or photograph has been taken in 4K, the file will still be compressed to a smaller size.

How to change the image quality

In order to ensure the files stay the quality and get the best quality image, users must delve into the settings section of the platform.

The first step is to open up the settings panel on the bottom right of the app

To access settings, you must tap on the settings button in the bottom right corner of the app.

Once in, press on Storage and Data’ and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Once settings has been clicked on, the next stage is to tap on the Storage and Data panel 

At the bottom you should find ‘Media Upload Quality’, where you will greeted with three options. 

If you’ve never changed the quality before then it should be automatically on ‘Auto (recommended)’.

However there are two other options to choose from: ‘Data saver’ and ‘Best quality’.

Clicking on the latter will ensure files aren’t compressed and will send in the highest quality. It will however potentially use up more data and take longer to send.

The Media Upload Quality panel can be located at the bottom of the panel, where users can then choose from three different options to change the quality of the images sent

If you’re wary about your data usage, it’s probably best to wait until you’re connected to a WIFI router in order to send the higher quality images.

Once that has been pressed, images will send at higher file sizes however they will maintain their quality.

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