Thief steals goat dressed as Santa and trying to flog to owner’s brother

A man was rocked as his pet goat Severino, who was dressed as Santa Claus at Christmas, was stolen as thieves tried to sell the animal to the man's brother.

The goat's owner, Claudinei Lacerda, resides in the Boa Vista neigbourhood, in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, and is a well known member of the community as he allows people in the area to take a photo with Severino.

Claudinei's world was rocked as last Wednesday (December 28), he discovered through a conversation with his neighbours that his pet was stolen.

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In a strange but fortunate twist, Claudinei was able to get Severino back just a few hours later after finding out that the thieves attempted to sell the goat to his brother.

He told Portal aRede: “It's a bit of a sad story at the time, but it had a happy ending.

"They've robbed my house several times, but I didn't even care. However, when it was Severino, I went really crazy."

He was quoted: “He went to sell the goat precisely to my brother”.

Severino, who acts as a mascot at the gas station where Claudinei works, proved a popular attraction at Christmas after dressing up as Santa Claus as he took "over 300 photos" with fans.

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Despite Severino's popularity around the neighbourhood, it was only until the publication of the report when somebody was finally arrested for the theft of the goat.

Strange stories involving animals is not a new one as recently a tiger cub, guns and ammo were all found in the boot of an SUV during a minor traffic stop.

Four handguns and 98 live rounds of ammunition were found in the bizarre find by officers in Mexico.


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