Thieves steal 24-carat gold-plated vibrators worth £71k as they ransack factory

An investigation is underway after a cache of 24-carat gold-plated vibrators worth around £71k have been stolen from a sex toy factory.

The bizarre robbery happened earlier this week in Seville, Spain, at the Dreamlove factory.

The horny crooks knocked-out all of the street lighting in the industrial estate the warehouse is based in before braking in.

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Chief Executive Officer Mario Romero Molina said the gang made straight for the firm's 24-carat gold-plated vibrators worth up to around £14,265 each.

Plain steel dildos – also stolen in the raid – can cost between £1,783 and £2,675 each.

Local media reported that the gang also stole £22,290 in cash from the company's safe in the break-in at 11:41pm on Wednesday (February 1).

Spanish media report that the thieves blocked off the street with fences and cut the electrical wiring to the lampposts so that the street would be left in the dark.

Dreamlove's security cameras reportedly recorded three masked intruders breaking into the factory while a fourth gang member may have guarded their getaway vehicle.

According to local news outlets, the vehicle used was parked next to some trees in a “rural area” near the park, which is called Logistics Park.

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The company was hit by two similar robberies two years ago – it is not know whether or not the three events are now being linked together by police.

Firm boss Molina said the adult toys would be very hard to sell on the black market as they are very rare and easily recognisable.

Dreamlove sells sex toys all over Europe and as far afield as the USA, South Africa and Hong Kong, and has an annual turnover of around £16million – and the company introduced robotic facilities into its warehouse recently, in a similar way to Amazon's fulfilment centres.

The investigation into the robbery is reported to be ongoing.

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