Time travel needs ‘all energy in existence’ to work, says self-proclaimed expert

Humans will only be able to achieve the feat of time travel by using "all of the energy in existence", an expert has claimed.

Since the dawn of time, humans have pondered how to travel backwards and forwards through it in order to change things or to simply see the future.

And with books and films galore about it, it would appear that cracking the code to do so is nearer than ever.

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But one man, who is a member of the most popular Time Travel Facebook group online, has told why it might be a-near impossible task for human's to actually achieved.

Cody Evans was responding to a conversation about “twisting the space” and using “circulating light” in order to create time travel.

But he explained why that was not possible and just what needed to be done in order to make it a reality.

He wrote: “I think what you are trying to achieve here might be some sort of super fusion reaction. Without a proper plasma containment field with appropriate cooling apparatus you’ll melt before achieving any form of reaction.

“Also the amount of energy needed to make any sort of dent in our reality is theorized to be the sum of our reality.

“Meaning you would need to manipulate all the energy in existence to make reality (time) malleable.

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“Perhaps you should reconsider what time travel is – if you believe that time is traversable then it should be at least accessible by the mind. Maybe you just send your mind back.

“Maybe figure out your motivation for wanting to go back on the first place as not all things are good but I think they contribute to who we are as people.”

According to space boffins NASA, time travel isn't possible.

The announced that it only “happens in books and movies” in 2020, destroying the hopes and dreams of geeks everywhere.

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