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A "time traveller" who claims to be from the year 2491 reckons there will be giant aliens with a"distorted appearance" arriving on Earth in 2022.

The adventurer, who goes by the name "futuretimetraveller" on TikTok, revealed some of the details of the "extraterrestrial species" and bizarrely claimed they will "spark war" with humans.

The video shows a blue sky in the background with large-font captions, which read: "What you call Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year.

"The exact date they are first sighted is May 24, 2022."

The "traveller" then explains that in 2491, there are various types of aliens and the group that live on Earth "as citizens" are called "Nirons".

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"[They] come in peace and don't mean harm but the US attack them and begin in the first of many inter-dimensional wars," they added.

"They are about 7ft 4in and have long shaped skulls, dark grey and distorted appearance. They do not come to be harmful but are extremely dangerous when provoked."

As with all so-called time travellers, the TikToker provided absolutely zero evidence for his bombastic claims – but that didn't stop the video being seen more than 94,000 times.

Many viewers were dubious about the theory and they tried to ask for more details about the alien's arrival.

One said: "So do humans and Nirons procreate and create a new race?"

A second added: "I'm so hooked on your account and scared at the same time."

"I heard the government is already working with them," another suggested and the adventurer replied: "I want to tell you because I know but am scared for my own safety."

"Futuretimetraveller" is not the first TikTok influencer who posts bizarre warnings of events from the future. Another recently made a bonkers claim that there would be pyramids in the sky and warned viewers to "not look up at them" when, or if, his outrageous prediction occurs.

And TikTok account "Time Voyager", who claims to have arrived in real-time Earth in December, 2020, posted on social media that there will be a great wave hitting in the summer of 2021.

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