‘Time traveller’ claims war will break out between US and North Korea this year

A time-traveller has warned that war will soon break out between the US and North Korea just a matter of weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In a video posted to TikTok on March 10 by 'a time warper' predicts a series of alarming events that will happen throughout 2022 – with everything from new wars, space discoveries and fake celebrity deaths.

Among them is the warning of an invasion of North Korea and the US although the video didn't go into detail on who will make the first move, the TikToker explained in the comments that it will be North Korea's invasion.

The video said: "Here is what you need to know for 2022… March 22 – The invasion of North Korea and US. April 19 – A new covid variant will strike Earth, known as "Omega" and its 5x worse than any variant.

"May 24 – NASA finds another planet called "KLET-33" and they say that it has life on it. June 28 – One of the 5 most dangerous hurricanes hits between Georgia and South Carolina.

"July 13 – One of the most famous rappers that are known as a legend claims that they faked their death. July 23 – The strongest earthquake in history will hit LA, California and the earthquake will cause "The Giant Wave."

"August 3 – 2 divers will discover an underwater city in the Atlantic Ocean. August 17 – A liminal space known as the rainbow funhouse will be rebuilt and it would open its doors on November 30.

"September 1 – A meteor called "4 vesta" will pass by Earth and almost hit the coast of China. September 26 – All schools will shut down due to another pandemic and the pandemic will be worse than covid.

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"October 14 – Aliens will come to Earth and some of them are gonna communicate with us and some of them will attack humans too."

Opinions were split in the comments section, with one viewer demanding proof of the sensational claims. Unsurprisingly, the TikToker was unable to provide any.

The news comes after reports emerged that Kim Jong-un has reportedly told North Korean officials to be ready to mobilise troops after “strong ally Russia” went to war with Ukraine.

Speaking to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on February 27, an official from North Pyongan said: “Yesterday, each regional party committee in the province informed all the party members that our strong ally Russia was at war.

“International relations are strained with Russia at war, so the regional party committee demanded that everyone be ready to be mobilised at all times.”

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In January, another time-traveller's TikTok account predicted an all-out war between Russia and Ukraine a month before Vladimir Putin sent his troops in.

The TikTok, who goes by the name "past time travel", claimed he was from the year 2102 and "stationed" in the timeline of 2022.

The video, posted on January 21, starts by saying: "Answering questions as a time traveller: The issue involving Russia and Ukraine turns into a war.

"Covid never ends, it keeps mutating till the point where it isn't even as bad as the common cold. The sea levels keep rising and over 500 million people are relocated."

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