The world’s biggest earthquake and the discovery of the largest creature in the world are going to take place in the next few years, or so a self-proclaimed "time traveller" has bizarrely claimed.

Warning us that he should be taken seriously, TikTok user follow_for_follow.08 starts his clip by saying: "This is not a joke. I am a time traveller. This is a brief summary of what's to come in the near future."

The first of the two events we should supposedly brace ourselves for is the apparent discovery of the Cerine Croin monster next year.

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The video doesn’t give a huge amount of detail, but does show us a picture of under the sea, alongside the caption “2022: The largest creature ever, the Cerine Croin is discovered."

It is not clear where this monster will be found, what sort of creature it is or how it has managed to go undetected for so long.

Meanwhile, we’ll have a little longer to wait for the second prediction, which is simply described as: “2024: World's biggest earthquake hits San Ysidro, California.”

The video warning has received more than 25,000 Likes but the comments left by other TikTok users suggest it hasn’t caused too much alarm.

The main takeaway from one user was: “Guys, that means TikTok’s still around!!”

It’s just one of numerous accounts from “time travellers” on the social media site – who often make outrageous claims with zero evidence to back them up.

Another one, who goes under the name That One Time Traveler and who bizarrely claims to be from the year 2485,issued a warning earlier this year that the world was going to end soon – apparently without appreciating that that would mean he couldn’t be from 2485.

Despite viewers pointing out that his previous predictions have not come true, he has managed to rack up 1.2 million followers.

And another user, Javier, claimed he had travelled to 2027, only to find that humanity had become extinct.

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