A mysterious couple who claim to be 'time travellers from the year 2027' has shocked social media users after sharing footage that apparently proves 'they're alone in the future'

Javier and Maria claim to be stuck alone in the future with 'no sign of human life' and have been sharing footage online showing their supposed search for a deserted world.

The mysterious duo, who never share face pictures, claim to be stuck just four years in the future, according to their accounts.

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Maria, who she is a scientist and posts videos under the TikTok username @socmia, states in her bio: "Time is an illusion. Alone in the world with unicosobreviviente."

The account is filled with the footage they claim is 'evidence' of their whereabouts and that there are no humans left on Earth – or at least in Valencia, Spain, where viewers say the video is shot.

In one clip, Maria said: "Hello, I am Maria. I am part of the same project as Javier (who you know as unicosobreviviente).

“I appear here because I am still processing everything I have lived and I am trying to find a solution.

"I still have a lot to understand but I have decided to change the current situation.”

In another video, she shares: “I am a scientist, my strong point is nuclear physics. I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning even though he didn’t know it at the time. And now finally I’m here to help him.”

Javier, who has gained over 7million followers, posts under the username @unicosobreviviente which translates as ‘only survivor.'

He has claimed to have visited a number of usually heaving cities including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, showing them without signs of life.

Viewers have been left divided over whether the couple are the real deal or not as they have taken to the comments to give their opinions.

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One user said: "These videos don't prove anything… where is the supermarket, the streets and a newspaper date ???"

Another wrote: "You guys are good."

A third commented: "Break something, if there are no people there are no consequences."

"Show your face then, oh you can't incase someone knows you," a fourth added.


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