‘Time traveller from 2236’ warns catastrophic weather event will hit next year

A mysterious TikTok user who claims to be from the year 2236 has made some chilling predictions for next year.

The content creator, known as @realtiktoktimetraveler, has gained over 221,000 followers on the app by posting warnings about supposed future events.

In some of their outlandish videos, the self-professed time warper claims to have knowledge of catastrophic events of the future – including everything from alien worlds being discovered to huge natural disasters.

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But now, they have issued a warning of key events they claim are coming at the start of the new year.

In the video, which has gained more than 27,900 likes, they wrote: "Attention! Yes, you may not believe it but I am a real time traveller and I am going to prove it.

"I am going to list some events that are going to occur in early 2023.

"In February, the Maui dolphin will go extinct due to being caught in large nets due to overfishing.

"In April 2023 Disney will buy out another large film studio, gaining access to some of the most popular movies ever.

"In June 2023 one of the largest tornadoes hits the south side of North America causing many casualties."

Viewers were left divided over the clip as with more than 1,300 comments left debating over whether the warning was legitimate or not.

One user wrote: "In future time traveling will be possible so… we will see."

Another argued: "He deleted his past predictions because non of them were accurate."

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A third said: "I believe kinda but still."

A fourth commented: "If you're a real time traveler and you went back in time why did you do that? Just so you could posts TikToks? It doesn’t make since lol."

The news comes after the same "time traveller" claimed they travelled back in time to warn people about some catastrophic events they say will take place over the "next few years" – including meteors and new planets.


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