Time traveller warns alien named ‘the Champion’ will take back the Earth in 2023

A self-proclaimed time traveller has given hints to a major event that will happen in the half of 2023.

TikToker Eno Alaric, who goes by the name "radianttimetraveler" on the account, warned "the world will soon end" and only a handful of people will be rescued.

The social media user posted on December 30 and told their 129,000 followers that the an extraterrestrial species known as "the Champion" has arrived.

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Using dramatic graphics in the video, Eno, who claimed they came from year 2671, said: "The world will soon end.

"A very hostile alien species is coming to take back the Earth, we will not win.

"Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us.

"On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet."

In previous posts, Eno said a group of four teenagers will discover ancient ruins on February 6 and a device will open a wormhole to other galaxies.

And in May, a 750ft mega tsunami will hit California, affecting San Francisco mostly.

Viewers brushed off the outlandish claims and said his previous "predictions" didn't back up.

One said: "What about the 10 people getting superpowers? That did not happen."

"What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit the Earth this month?" another noted.

A third joked: "I am a time traveller and I want to inform you that Sunday is the year 2023."

"If it's gonna end soon, then how were you alive in 2671?" a fourth asked.

Eno replied without giving away too much details, saying: "As I said, 8,000 are taken to another planet."

Eno is not the only "time traveller" who make terrifying predictions about the year to come, others have issued similar warnings on TikTok to share "forthcoming events".


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