A self-proclaimed "time traveller" has dropped his latest predictions for the last month of 2021 and said there will be two important dates that will "shock the world".

"Thatonetimetraveler", who claims to be coming from the year 2485, previously shot to stardom when he warned the Earthlings of great discovery to be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

With no proof of anything happening, he gave brief details on two specific dates in December.

He said in his latest post: "On December 20, eight humans will receive superpowers from the energy waves of the Sun.

"And on December 25 (Christmas Day), something big will happen on this day that shocks the world, and changes the way humans live forever.

"It will shock the entire world. The big day is remembered for centuries. This will 100% prove that I am a real-time traveller, don't forget the date."

His followers quickly jumped to the comments and made their guesses.

One said: "Of course, on December 25, is the birthday of our saviour!"

"Jesus is born for the 2021st time," a second joked but a third wrote: "This is true. Christmas is always remembered every year in families, reunions, and gatherings."

But others were less convinced by the so-called predictions.

"When did your predictions actually come true?" one asked. "Better off watching the Simpsons, they're much more accurate."

Another suggested: "Well if you tell us and it happens, we will know it's real."

Apparently, another time traveller has also used TikTok as a platform to warn people that in December, three teens will open a portal to an alternate universe using a T. Rex dinosaur egg.

They also mentioned that eight humans would receive superpowers from the extreme energy of the Sun, however, it should have happened in October, not in December.

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