People claiming to have the ability to time travel have been using their platforms on social media to share all kinds of wacky conspiracy theories about what the future holds.

The TikTokers can have millions of followers hanging on their every word and they've come up with some belters over the years.

One such person claimed the Earth would "descend into darkness" and pyramids would fly through the skies and another claimed he saw dinosaurs in the year 2300.

With the New Year just around the corner, here are some of our favourite "time traveller" predictions for the year 2022.

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Atlantis discovered

A balmy TikToker posted a video claiming the city of Atlantis, completely made up by the Greek philosopher Plato, will be discovered on February 2.

In the clip, @aesthetictimewarper says: "Atlantis is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean home to human-fish life."

Without elaborating any further on what on Earth "human-fish life" would look like, they say in the same month a celebrity will come out and admit they've faked their death.

War with lanky aliens

In a catastrophic turn of events, very tall aliens are predicted to invade our planet and start a war with humanity.

The 7ft monsters will apparently have "long shaped skulls", be "dark grey" in color and have a "distorted" appearance, says TikTok user @futuretimetraveller.

Although initially peaceful, us daft humans will apparently provoke them and spark "many inter-dimensional wars".

They said in the story: "What you call Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year.

"The exact date they are first sighted is May 24, 2022."

Supervolcano eruption

Another disaster we can look forward to in 2022 is the eruption of a supervolcano powerful enough to trigger a mass extinction, according to a so-called time traveler.

In a TikTok video, @thatonetimetraveler seems to allege the Yellowstone volcano will blow up on July 4, celebrated in the US as Independence Day.

They tell people to "build a bunker", make sure they have lots of supplies, and "stay safe".

Experts have said the chance of Yellowstone erupting is "exceedingly small" in the next millennia and the giant volcano hasn't erupted for 640,000 years.

Scientific discovery

On a more cheerful note, there will apparently be a mysterious new sea creature found in 2022.

We will have already contended with a volcano and an alien invasion, so it's good to know that on October 14 the world can celebrate a scientific discovery for the ages – if what another "time traveler" claims holds true.

TikToker @authentictimetraveler claims to be from the year 2582 and frequently makes videos with predictions of future events they claim have witnessed further up our timeline.

In the clip, they claim: "On October 14th 2022 a species will be discovered by marine biologists.

"It will measure to be three times as massive as a blue whale."

They are unable to describe what time of animal will be found but said it will be renamed Cirein-cròin after the beast from Scottish Gaelic folklore.

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