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It might sound like a the plot of a retro-tinged telly drama to rival Goodnight Sweetheart or Ashes to Ashes, but Paul Devlin insists there was nothing fictitious about his dalliance with terrifying time travel.

Paul Devlin claims he was inexplicably sucked into a vortex on the London Underground during his daily commute and ended up roughly 40 years in the past.

He says he got off the Tube at Victoria and was immediately unnerved as something was amiss.

Paul, a buddhist priest and real-life exorcist, noticed the atmosphere felt different and was struck by how empty it was despite it being rush hour.

Weirdly, the usually filthy escalators were also pristine.

He recalled the creepy ‘time slip’ on YouTube show The Angel and the Exorcist.

Speaking to psychic Samantha Jayne, he said: “I got off at London Victoria as I did every single week and turned left up the escalators.

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"On this day they were beautiful, with ceramic tiles. They were like brand new escalators.”

The station, one of the busiest on the network, was almost empt, apart from one passenger on the opposite escalator who looked at him with an expression of complete shock.

He described him as wearing a denim cap and matching jacket, much to the amusement of Samantha, who jokingly cited them taking style inspiration from boyband Bros.

Paul said: “This guy gave me this look as if to say, ‘You’re dressed funny’.

“I came to the top of the escalator and there was a glass dome and everything was silent. No sound at all.”

Paul added: “As I walked out, I realised very quickly I am not in my time.”

Feeling himself fall in to a panic, he thought: "I need to get back to where I was. I need to get back to the platform."

Explaining how he got back to the present day, he told Samantha he had the idea that if he could leave then come back to the station he might be able to jump back into his home dimension.

Paul explained: “My theory was if I went up the train line, changed and got back on it would change the timeline.”

He took a train to Pimlico before turning back, noting that the train “was empty” – but then something truly odd happened.

Paul claimed: “As we came back towards London Victoria people just randomly started to appear on the train until the train was full.

“I got off, and was so happy to see a dirty escalator.”

And if you thought that was scary, Samantha shared an even scarier time slip experience.

She told how she was leading a psychic investigation in the bowels of a historical fort in Portsmouth when the cellar’s gloomy corridors came alive with burning torches and severed heads.

The pair were speaking about their experiences of time slips, parallel dimensions and déjà vu on their YouTube series, The Angel and The Exorcist.

Paul is the latter, and has 26 years of experience covering all aspects of the supernatural – and is also a buddhist exorcist.

Samantha is the angel part of the duo, and has 20 years of experience of working as a 'transfiguration medium' and as an 'angelic master healer'.

  • Watch the full episode of The Angel and The Exorcist on YouTube now.
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