Toilet paper thieves caught on CCTV are forced to return all but one roll

A group of cheeky students were caught red-handed appearing to steal their neighbour's mega delivery of toilet paper.

CCTV footage captured the group identified as ‘flat 18’ taking the jumbo pack of toilet paper – seemingly back to their own flat.

The group of approximately six men and women were snapped taking the delivery of approximately 40 rolls of TP from the lobby of the Sunrisestar building.

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Student Tom posted on Twitter that he had ordered enough loo roll to last him the rest of the year.

But when he realised his package was missing, he contacted Sunrisestar to see if they could help him trace it.

In a screenshot posted to Twitter, Tom asked the accommodation to ask those responsible for the theft to either return the goods or send him £20 for a replacement.

But when Sunrisestar checked the building's CCTV footage and located the good, they told Tom he would have to knock on to flat 18 and speak to them himself.

Tom claims they initially refused to return his toilet roll but the accommodation had sent screenshots proving their guilt.

Venting his frustration online, Tom tweeted: “Bought some loo roll to last me for the rest of the year and some nitty tramps from the flat upstairs stole it.

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“They’re refusing to give them back so what should I do.”

Six hours later, Tom posted an update. Flat 18 had returned his missing loo roll – minus one roll.

One user replied saying: “Oh, at this point it's legit kind of funny.”

Another commented: “Cheeky sods. No pun here, btw.”

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“The way I’d still try ruin their lives over one roll,” added a third.

Another said: “I don't think that would last me the year tbh. Even if they gave the one roll back.”

One man tweeted: “Oh the revenge I would get for taking 1 roll.. destroy them”


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