TOP boarding schools in London for foreign students

Find best boarding schools in London, UK. Studying at TOP private boarding schools allows girls and boys to get quality education abroad. Study how to apply for boarding schools in London.

Best private boarding schools in London, UK for international students 

The UK is known as the best country to receive secondary education and form the basis for future studies. Today, it is believed that after graduation from private boarding schools in London children have high chances to enter elite British universities: Oxford and Cambridge.

At best boarding schools in London students can study during the whole week with weekends or spend weekends at home. Students who live in school during the whole trimester are called full time boarders or FTBs. At many boarding schools in England there is an opportunity to stay  Monday to Friday or flexible boarding (individualized according to the needs of a child), also known as “hotel boarding”.

As for groups, at an ordinary group in a boarding school there are nearly 12 children. However, it is important to remember that a small class does not always mean the highest results in studying.

In addition, quite essential are tuition fees at private boarding schools in London. If you choose the full board system, tuition fees in London high boarding schools will be around 30.000-40.000 pounds per year. Day schools without accommodation will cost about 15-20 thousand pounds.

To obtain secondary education in best boarding school in London, England, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • School performance and grades for last 5 years
  • Recommendations from teachers, instructors
  • International exam certificate in English, certificate of English proficiency
  • Motivation letter

Application process: how to apply for London boarding school?

It is better to start preparing for admission to London boarding schools in advance to collect documents on time and successfully prepare for English exam.

Best boarding schools in London, England have different requirements for English proficiency. It depends on the age of a child, the type of school and the educational program. The most prestigious boarding schools in England will require perfect language skills. The lower the school’s position in the rankings, the more the language requirements will depend on the aim to attract foreign applicants.

In addition, boarding schools in London, England conduct interviews in person or via skype. Today, the online English tests, for example UKISET, has become popular. UKISET stands for UK Independent Schools Entry Test, that is, testing for admission to private boarding schools in London, UK.

To summarize, entering boarding schools in London, England is the great achievement. Many parents prefer to send their children to separate boarding schools, for example boarding schools for girls or boys. Such approach has its own pros and cons. However, studying at best boarding schools in London is still very perspective among international students.

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