The legendary Tupac Shakur died in 1996 but conspiracy theories that he is still alive – or will one day return – have raged on the internet ever since.

He was tragically young, just 25 years old, when he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas and had already become one of the most influential rappers of all time.

Yet so-called "sightings" of the rapper after his death have re-emerged this week following what would have been his 50th birthday.

And a TikTok user has convinced some adherents to the conspiracy theory that he is Tupac after posting a video of himself in which he is said to look like the late star's "doppelgänger".

In the clip, @parisbrown424, filmed himself sitting on a coach and wrote in the caption: "When people walk up to you and say look like 2pac. What y'all think?"

He reclines on the sofa and makes a v-sign with his fingers and then zooms in on his face.

The resemblance to the All Eyez On Me artist was striking for many viewers and the video has been "liked" and commented on thousands of times by fans.

One person commented: "You his carbon copy! Go get your money! Go make that movie and those appearances!"

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A second gushed: "Wow! I knew Tupac was coming back! Been a rumour since HS (High School)."

"Omg you do look just like 2pac is it you no you too young I'm freaking out," commented a third.

"I knew you didn't die," said someone else.

A believer wrote: "That is Tupac! That ain't you!"

"I literally thought this was Pac like in an old video omg you are definitely his doppelgänger," wrote another impressed viewer.

Meanwhile, sceptical viewers insisted it must be an illusion from a filter but the TikToker hit back and replied that the only thing he did was shave his face to look more like Pac.

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People pointed out that even if Tupac was still alive, he would now be in his fifties and look a lot less youthful than the man in the video.

And, in other videos posted by Paris, he looks starkly different to the rapper so it is safe to say he probably is not Tupac.

This comes after conspiracy theorists claimed the rapper's "fake autopsy" report was "proof" he was still alive.

According to one believer, a tattoo was missing from his neck and his head looked like it had been freshly shaved in the photo when he was supposed to have been in hospital for nearly a week.

Conflicting stories about his condition in hospital have also led to wild theories he somehow managed to fake his own death and escape.

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