Twitch streamer says she was ‘banned for tiddies’ after wearing rubber body suit

A Twitch streamer says she was banned from the site for wearing a rubber body suits with pronounced 'tiddies'.

Popular streamer quqco, who has over 100,000 followers on the site, earned a three-day ban when she streamed her new 'anime tiddies'.

“Making explicit gestures towards breasts, buttocks or genitals” is prohibited as per the guidlines of Twitch, so the gamer was handed the penalty despite the breasts being fake.

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Dextero reported that quqco surged in popularity in early 2022, averaging as many as 2,500 concurrent viewers in April.

She does stream games, but earns most of her interest in the 'Just Chatting' section.

Quqco provided "context" for her ban by uploading a clip of the act in question on Twitter. In the clip she is seen jiggling the fake breasts, and pushing them together.

Commenting on the 'context', one follower said: "Is that what she got banned for? Don't other streamers do that with their real boobs and don't get banned?"

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Another added: "The moment I saw her bouncing around in those things I knew she was going to get banned."

A third said: "Context matters on Twitch. Raunchy jokes will get you banned."

A message on quqco's profile reads: This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

It comes as one hot tub streamer has already managed to get banned from Twitch twice in 2023.

JubileeBlais was handed a second ban on the platform four hours after being unbanned, making it her seventh ban in the last month.

Jubilee, who typically streams games to her viewers from a hot tub wearing a swimsuit, has hit out at Twitch for the bans on her Twitter account, calling it 'blatant misogyny' and saying "I lost everything".

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