Twitter users were shocked to find a vision of Jesus appearing on the bottom of an iron.

The post, made by @PastorAlexLove, is titled "Atheists, if JESUS is not real, then please explain this!" and includes the burnt on image of 'Jesus' on the underside of an iron.

Of the 1,800 likes and more than 100 retweets the post has generated, there has been an impressive amount of engagement with some taking the tweet more seriously than others.

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Amongst the swathes of comments are a large number of non-believers who have suggested it looks more like the Mona Lisa, Tom Araya, the lead singer of Slayer, or Weird Al Jankovic.

Some were sold on the image straight away, with one saying: "Iron clad proof."

While another commented: "Where is this? I feel a pilgrimage coming on."

A third said: "He died on the crease for our sins. Amen."

One commenter believes Jesus has no business on the bottom of irons and posted: "Jesus is contractually obligated to only appear on toast, so it better not be him or he will be hearing about it from his sponsor the Wonder Bread Company!"

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The parody account has nearly 18,000 followers who regularly engage with its quirky posts.

For any doubters Pastor Alex shows off his credentials on a pinned post which reads: "As of late, there have been terrible terrible rumours circulating on the internet that I am not a Pastor and that I am only pretending to be a Pastor.


"Blessed is the Forgiving Eagle."

Along with the comment is the image of his certificate which says he took Advanced Pastor Training at Underground Bunker, Watton Brook, Norfolk.

And, to eliminate any doubt, it has been signed off by a Cardinal Syn.


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