UFO hunters in Twitter meltdown over video of ‘burning alien ship’ – WATCH

West Virginia: UFO appears to burn across the sky

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, many people on the US east coast took to Twitter to report a strange sight in the skies. Numerous videos were swiftly uploaded to social media apparently showing an object dramatically burning-up as it hurtled to Earth – with one clip attracting more than 1.4 million views alone. The clips showed as the bright orange fireball shot across the skies in a stunning display.

Two eyewitnesses in the original video are heard remarking how the object in the sky was “weird”, as well as questioning whether it was a plane and added something was “burning”.

This is a UFO and it was limping back to the closest alien base with an extremely damaged ship

Scott Waring

Such spectacular incidents are actually quite common phenomena with far more prosaic explanations.

The American Meteor Society has confirmed most of these so-called ‘fireballs’ are not meteorites or associated space debris.

These events are instead the result of a contrails, created when exhaust gas from a high-altitude plane combine with water vapour in extremely cold environments.

The consequential linear clouds often have vivid red or orange hues due to the Sun reflecting from them at sunrise and sunset.

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But alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring claims the footage in fact captured a UFO re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

He wrote on his ufosightingsdaily blog: “On December 27 a bright burning UFO shot across the sky over West Virginia and neighbouring states in the US.

“The unknown object burned a bright orange and lit up the sky as it fell.

“Many Twitter users tweeted videos of the object they saw in the sky and all of them were baffled at what they were seeing.”

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The controversial UFO advocate proceeds to suggest the incident is evidence of a hidden alien base in the area.

He said: “Clearly no impact from a meteor was recorded, found or reported, so this object as huge as it was didn’t impact or burn any area of ground.

“This is a UFO and it was limping back to the closest alien base with an extremely damaged ship.

“The alien base is most likely under a tall mountain in West Virginia.

“How can something so big not hit when falling? The impossible becomes possible right in front of our eyes.

“So it landed safely, but barely made it in one piece to the alien base. Hmmmm … that’s new.

“I didn’t know about an alien base in West Virginia.”

Hundreds of people discussed the supposedly strange event on Twitter.

User Tim Pool sarcastically commented: “The aliens are finally here.”

And journalist Peter Thiele joked: “The aliens found our world’s intelligent Life … and it is in West Virgina!”

Waring’s bizarre claims quickly garnered scores of comments on his YouTube channel, with many of appearing to criticise his UFO theory.

YouTube viewer Outlander1968 wrote: “Once the video gets focused on the lead object – you can see a linearity, and see that it’s an aircraft (hence a contrail), plus the speed of the object is too slow – says it all.

And Credulous Boomer Rube apparently agreed, commenting: “I heard a pilot say that he thought this might be a plane contrail illuminated by the setting sun, just at a weird angle.”

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