A conspiracy theorist has claimed to find a UFO with striking resemblance with an icon in an ancient Jesus painting flying past the International Space Station (ISS).

YouTuber MrMBB333 said the mysterious craft "almost looked identical" to an object from an Orthodox artwork dating back to 1350.

In the clip, he pulls up an ISS footage spotted by a fellow UFO fan two weeks ago.

It shows a cone-shaped object with a contrail hurtling past near the SpaceX's Starlink booster in space.

As it emerges from the bottom right corner, it reveals a pointed tip and an arc-like edge for a brief second.

He then zooms into the ancient painting, which was found on the wall of the Visoki Dečani monastery in Serbia.

The painting referenced the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the unusual objects on the top corners have amassed attentions from so-called truth seekers worldwide.

The alien hunter says: "They have stunning similarities, almost in an exact same shape!

"Coincidence? I don't know, you tell me but they look very, very similar. So there is two UFOs in that painting and they both looked to appear to have the same shape as this object right here that was below the International Space Station.

"The resemblance is truly uncanny, very same shape, almost identical."

Viewers were stunned by the similarities and said it gave them "chills".

One said: "Wow that's crazy. The UFO and that old painting are pretty similar."

Another added: "Seeing UFO and the picture look-a-like gave me chills!!"

Others were more sceptical, saying it was nothing more than space debris.

Serbian historians believe the strange images showed the sun and the moon and they were painted to look like they were "suffering" because of the crucifixion.

Exactly that extraordinary way of presenting the heavenly bodies has spawned numerous conspiracy theories which have brought the Serbian monastery into connection with the creatures from outer space.

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