A UK prison that has been dubbed 'one of the most haunted prisons in the world' apparently has a "White Lady" ghost stalking its corridors.

HMP Shepton Mallet, sometimes known as Cornhill, is a former prison in Somerset which was closed down in 2013.

Several people claim to have spotted the White Lady, supposedly a heartbroken murderess known to sweep through the prison, bringing a cold wind in her wake and taunting prison staff and inmates over the years.

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Although the last execution at HMP Shepton Mallet took place 75 years ago, there remain several unmarked graves of executed prisoners, making it an exceptionally spooky place to visit, reports SomersetLive.

The lock-up has also be home to some of Britain's most infamous criminals, including the Kray twins.

It has proven to be so popular that people can now book ghost tours.

Some of those to have visited claim they heard the haunting cries of men and women about to be executed.

For those with an extreme interest in the paranormal, you can even spend a night in a cell.

The prison was originally built as a House of Correction in 1625.

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In the 17th and 18th Centuries, the men, women and children who were imprisoned there lived in notoriously squalid conditions.

In the 1950s it became a Category C Lifer Prison, incarcerating the most dangerous of criminals.

During the Second World War it was a military prison. Eighteen American soldiers were recorded as being killed there for crimes including rape and murder.

Sixteen were hanged and two were shot by firing squads.


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