UK school forced to deny students are identifying as cats and pooing on floor

A secondary school has been forced to deny rumours that some of its students were identifying as cats.

There were also claims that pupils were defecating on the school's floor when litterboxes weren't provided.

The bizarre rumours surrounded Banff Academy in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and came from a post on the Banff and Macduff Community Group Facebook page, according to The National.

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The post condemning the school and peddling the claim was shared over 300 times.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council told The National: "There are no cats and no pupils identifying as cats at Banff Academy."

The rumour didn't actually originate in Scotland but rather in the US. It became an urban myth last year, with right-leaning personalities using it as an example of woke culture gone too far.

In January 2022, the superintendent of Midland Public Schools in Michigan, where the rumour began, addressed community members on Facebook: “Let me be clear in this communication. There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement/accusation!

"There have never been litter boxes within schools.”

Lauren Boebert, a republican representative for Colorado, told a luncheon for republican women in October that educators "are putting litter boxes in schools for people who identify as cats".

The rumour was also associated with "furries", individuals that are especially interested in anthropomorphic animals who often create identities of themselves as those anthropomorphic animals (called "fursonas").

An NBC News investigation found the myth was repeated by at least 20 political candidates and officials last year.

It was even peddled by popular podcast host Joe Rogan, who eventually backtracked.

He said that a "friend's wife" who was a teacher told him about it, but later said she now taught at a different school and couldn't verify the claim.

"I don’t think they actually did it," he said.

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