UK town becomes top UFO hotspot with 6,000 claiming to have had close encounters

A town is demanding a government probe into why it has become Britain’s UFO hotspot – with 6,000 people claiming to have had close encounters.

Over 300 sightings of mystery craft in the skies above Bonnybridge, near Stirling in Scotland, are reported every year.

Reports of crop circles, strange objects in the sky and even alien abductions have plagued the Scottish town for the past 20 years.

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Now local councillor Billy Buchanan wants a government investigation. He said: “I still don’t know what it could be.

“Is it military? We don’t know. But we demand to know.’’

Cllr Buchanan told YouTube documentary makers that so-called UFO experts from around the world have visited the town to investigate.

But no one can explain the Falkirk Triangle’s high number of sightings, which began in 1992 when a motorist reported a craft floating over the road.

One explanation could be that the sightings were used as an excuse to skive off work, a trend the Daily Star reported on a few days ago.

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HR bosses revealed that more and more workers have been trying to take time off by claiming they were visited by aliens.

They said they saw a huge spike in the number of people claiming they needed to take time off because they were abducted over the last year.

Some even claimed they had been experimented on whilst others said they had been taken to another planet.

Even more brazen staff members told bosses they wouldn’t be coming in because they wanted to go and hunt for little green men.

Alan Price, CEO of HR software company Experts Bright HR, told the Daily Star: “Surely the bosses whose employees called in sick due to having “been abducted by aliens” or “seen a ghost” saw green. It may not have been just saucers that went flying in that workplace”.

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