UK town plagued by ‘unbearable’ mystery stink that makes kids puke in the street

An overwhelming, "unbearable" stench has affected a town so badly that the mystery stink is making kids puke in the street.

Such a uniquely miserable smell has made life for the residents of Bordesley Green, Birmingham far from idyllic over the last nine months, with residents now growingly concerned.

One resident even complained that they were constantly itching ever since the smell wafted through the windows of his home, with the strange stench yet to be resolved for those unlucky enough to get a whiff of the street.

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The Environmental Agency has said they are working "to resolve" the issue with a local construction company, Kiey Bros Limited.

A solution couldn't come sooner for Akhtar Shah, 62, whose constant itching, he says, has made it very difficult to live in the area.

Shah said: "We don’t know what we are inhaling and it is making it very difficult to live here. The school down the road called the fire brigade when it first started because they thought there was a gas leak.

"A pupil collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. It’s disgusting. It’s hot and people want to open their windows but they can’t.

"It starts at about 8am in the morning and goes on all day. It just smells like sewage. I’ve got kids and I’m worried about what they are inhaling."

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Another resident, Aftab Khaleem, 43, said: "I live about a mile away and I can smell the stench. The smell is unbearable – it’s suffocating because you don’t want to breathe.

"It’s like you’ve been thrown in to the gutter. It’s sharp on your throat, like a chemical."

Other residents of the cul-de-sac have gone as far to say that they haven't been able to open their windows and that children are throwing up in the streets, The Sun reported.

One resident said: "I’m a private tutor and I’ve had to send children home because the smell has made them throw up."

An Environment Agency spokesman said they were "aware of the odours causing issues" and were taking the reports "very seriously".

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