People from Birmingham go on more boozy nights out than anywhere else in the UK, says a new poll.

The cost of living crisis has made times tough for many but despite this, research by insurance firm Lifesearch has revealed that a whopping one in 10 Brummies said they were going to more parties, nightclubs and pubs than normal.

While many people across the country have been tightening their purse strings by reducing how often they go out, those from the West Midlands city haven't given up on partying.

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A spokesman for Lifesearch said: “Many Brits have cut back on socialising, although some – most notably those from Birmingham – have not.”

Taking second place as the UK's next biggest party animals were people from Swansea, followed by those from York in third place.

Manchester is also full of nightlife lovers, taking the fourth spot and beating out Newcastle, who took fifth place.

On average, just 5% of those asked had gone to more parties than they normally do in the past year.

But those from Brum, however, refused to stop partying, with 10% saying they had attended more nights out than normal this year.

A total of 34% of Brummies said they went out “about the same” as normal, with 56% saying they went out less than normal.

Brummie Alan Jacobs, 36, said: “I seem to be out at least once, sometimes twice a week these days.

He added: “It’s exhausting but I love it.”


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