‘UK’s most eligible bachelor’ lottery winner not ‘risking his sanity’ by dating

A lottery winner who became one of Britain's most sought-after singletons has suggested he's not looking for a relationship – hinting that he's "found his peace".

Karl Crompton was just 23 when he bagged a whopping £10.9 million back in 1996, becoming one of the National Lottery's earliest winners.

At the time he had people swooning at his fetching looks and new-found riches, but a decade after winning the prize married his long-term girlfriend Nicole Roach.

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However, the pair are thought to have since split up and moved out of the luxury mansion they built just a few miles from where he grew up in Blackpool.

Taking to Twitter, Crompton shared a TikTok by @emilywking and fuelled rumours that he was single – but also hinted that he wasn't looking to change that any time soon as he didn't want to "risk his sanity".

The video said: "Can we talk about the man that got out of a toxic relationship years ago?

"He probably decided to remain single rather than risk his sanity again.

"Now it's been so long that he no longer actively seeks a relationship anymore, and it's not that he has sworn them off, it's just that he has no reason to chase something when he's already found his peace."

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Crompton simply captioned the post "Spot on," suggesting his dating years might be behind him for now.

The millionaire had been a trainee at Comet earning £100 a week before bagging his win.

He told the Sunday Mirror that it was his family who first encouraged him to buy a ticket, recalling: “My mum and dad and brother helped pick some numbers then I went out with my pals.

“The next morning, I came downstairs to the kitchen and my mum said, ‘You’re looking at a lottery winner. I’ve got four numbers and got £96 or something.’

“So I looked at the numbers and my ticket. Even when Camelot later confirmed the numbers, I couldn’t believe I’d won.

"It was £10,903,198 – a half share of the full Lotto rollover prize.”

Since then he's remained relatively low-profile and put most of his winnings into property including building his five-bedroom Gothic-style home, which was thought to be worth £3.6m just over 10 years ago.

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It is also thought that he has since doubled his winnings to £22m and is reaping the rewards of his sensible investments.

Until recently, photos of Crompton, from Blackpool, hadn't been published in 14 years, but following on from his rumoured divorce the bearded millionaire was pictured getting his hands mucky on a building site.


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