Britain's top Bengali porn star had a sexual dream about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak just two weeks before he took the top job, in what is possibly one of the most bizarre psychic predictions you're likely to ever read.

Yasmina Khan, who rakes in around £250,000 through her OnlyFans account, made headlines earlier this year when she revealed people pay her to far in jars.

And now the 24-year-old has told of her wild dream about the UK's PM prior to him taking over from wet lettuce Liz Truss in October.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Yasmina, who has nearly 400k followers on Twitter, said: “A few months ago, I actually had a sex dream about Rishi Sunak and a few months later he was Prime Minister.

“So, I think banging a Prime Minister would probably sell like hot cakes on OnlyFans.

“I've also never done content with an Asian guy, so that could be my first one – boom.”

No, the Daily Star is not reaching out to Downing Street to find out if the PM would take part in OnlyFans content with Yasmina . . .

Khan, who has filmed with fellow top Brit porn stars Elle Brooke and Poppy Evans in recent months, has around 3,000 subscribers on the adult platform.

She had previously told the Daily Star about how her adult work had allowed to pay her rent, as well as treating family members.

But since then, she has gone through a serious lifestyle upgrade and now lives in a three-bedroom £5k per month swanky London penthouse – and it even has a balcony bigger than most one-bedroom homes.

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Sharing the place with her massive cat Jake, Yasmina told how her life is now funded by “horny men”.

She said: “It's mental, and it still hasn't hit me yet that how my whole income is from horny men.

“Horny men are paying for my life and I love it.

“I love buying designer s**t.

“I recently bought a massive £4k 75inch television, a pair of boots for £1,500 and a new coat for around £2,000.

“I've been on a shopping haul, buying designer s**t for myself because I deserve it.”

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Yasmina also spent “less than the £10k you'd spend in London” on liposuction surgery in Turkey.

However, this was not for the reasons you might expect.

She is a gym goer, keeps fit and admits to “always being skinny and a fit girl”, as well as being into her cardio.

“They took out five litres of fat from me, which I didn't even know that I had,” she explained

“It was from everywhere apart from my legs – my stomach, my legs, my bag, my arms etc.

“I won't be fully recovered for another two months, and I'm still really swollen. – I can't even walk, let alone have sex.

“I blacked out (during the operation), had to have a blood transfusion – liposuction is a major surgery!

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“He basically sucked the living s**t out of me.”

But with surgery often comes backlash from fans, especially when your audience is as big as Yasmina's.

However, in typical Yasmina style, she hit back at those who criticize her or demean her for it, as she is adamant that she “did it for myself, not the fans”.

She has, like many in the industry, also had her “boobs done” and this became a talking point for her fans.

She explained: “All my fans were like 'no, don't get your boobs done'.

“I don't care what anyone thinks – I've always been like that,

“This is why I'm doing what I'm doing now, and this is what the way I am now.

“I do it for myself.”

Yasmina sat down with the Daily Star for nearly an hour to discuss topics such as her Muslim religion, getting marriage proposals from wealthy men and going viral at 17 – all of which you can read about over the next few weeks.

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