Theme park enthusiasts at a popular entertainment complex were shocked when they discovered fully in-tact human remains still wearing pants – and it wasn't a Halloween prop.

The grim finding was made at Universal Studios in Japan, where a staff member stumbled across the skeleton while cutting trees outside the park.

The person found the person's skull in the plants, but the rest of the body was nowhere to be found.

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Police were called and a huge search with sniffer dogs was carried out.

In total, 10 officers were involved in the search after a “portion of an upper jaw and teeth” were first found.

An officer said: “We found the possible entire skeleton and a pair of trousers attached with a men’s belt in the same area.”

And a source told local news outlets “An autopsy showed no damage to the bones and the cause of death is unknown.

“Police will continue to search for clues to identify the man, who was wearing black trousers and a belt.”
The latter two items were also discovered near the scene, and the bloke is thought to be aged between 60 to 79, and 168cm tall.

He was found at around 2.30pm around 10 days ago, in an area near the largest car park on the complex.

Images from the scene show officers searching the area late at night, with a white, unmarked van used to take the body from the site to the place where it was later checked over.

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Oddly, it is thought that the bloke actually died around two years ago, and there are no signs of fractures, additional force or blunt trauma to the body.

The actual cause of death is unknown.

The park was closed temporarily, and is one of the most popular tourists spots in Japan.

No further updates have been given by police.

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