Unlucky bloke claims he’s been arrested 3 times and nearly deported for his name

A desperately unlucky bloke claims to have been arrested three times and even nearly deported due to his name.

Rene Martinez Gutierrez describes himself as a "quiet, family man" and has no criminal record, but hasn't stopped him being detained on three occasions.

Despite his squeaky clean record, the 46-year-old from Colombia claims he has been targeted by law enforcement because he shares the same name as a notorious drug dealer with warrants out for his arrest.

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Gutierrez has been detained on three separate occasions over the last 13 years due to the unfortunate coincidence.

The first arrest happened in 2010 when he went to a police station in Bogota in order to request his judicial record as he wanted to start a business.

When police at the station checked his record they found an international warrant for his arrest against his name.

He was arrested and locked up for eight days, after which he went to the Peruvian embassy to find out why, only to be told that they assumed it was because he had the same name as a known drug dealer.

The second arrest happened the following year in 2011 when he was again detained, this time spending two months in the infamous La Picota jail.

This time he had been called in to make a statement at the police station after his work place was robbed.

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But then when police put his name into the database he was once again flagged up as the drug baron.

His wife, Yesenia Contreras, told El Tiempo : “His name and date of birth coincided with a person who was wanted for being an accomplice to a man who transported 20 kilos of cocaine embedded in a television in Peru in 2006.

"I almost died. Then, they gave me his wallet, his cell phone and the wedding band and they took him to the dungeons.”

He eventually managed to prove that he was innocent and then he and his family moved to the US, where they were able to live for another decade.

But then earlier this month he was detained yet again after he went to see his sick dad.

Agents from Interpol boarded the plane after it stopped on the airport runway.

After asking for his name and checking his ID they escorted him away, and he is still currently in custody at the Los Martires police station.


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