‘Upskirting’ pervert warning over new tourist attraction with mirrored floors

A new tourist attraction in New York City comes with a surprising warning – remember to put your knickers on.

Summit One Vanderbilt, which calls itself “the most immersive observatory experience,” opened its doors this week, offering sightseers a stunning new of America’s busiest city from the top of One Vanderbilt, a 1,401-foot tall tower next to Grand Central Station.

But there are concerns that an unwanted type of sightseer might choose to visit the three-level attraction – because its mirrored floors allow a clear view up the skirts of any women – or kilt-wearing Scotsmen – that happen to be visiting.

The New York Post reports that the potential issue with Kenzo Digital’s art installation, called “Air,” was flagged up by early visitors who had been invited to test out the dizzying experience prior to the official opening.

Advice has now been added to Summit’s website suggesting visitors wear trousers, shorts or opaque tights.

It makes clear that visitors are responsible for their own modesty.

A note on the website says: “Guests who are concerned about any unwanted exposure as a result of the mirrored floors and ceilings are responsible for dressing in a manner to avoid such exposure.”

The majority of the crowd on opening day, who had paid up to £53 for tickets, appear to have heeded the advice.

A few people either hadn’t seen the warning, or weren’t bothered. Eunice Li, 30, from Los Angeles, said she hadn’t seen the warning but added “it doesn’t really bother me”.

Mexican tourist Daisy Esdrello said she knew in advance about the potential “upskirting” issue but wasn’t going to let the threat of a wandering pervert cramp her style.

“I think a skirt looks much better in photos,” she said.

For anyone who does forget their pants, the Summit One Vanderbilt management are keeping a spare pair of cycle shorts which they can borrow while enjoying the multi-sensory installation that combines transparency, reflectivity and media effects to create “the illusion of boundless space.”

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