World-famous spoonbender Uri Geller has promised England fans that the Three Lions will win the World Cup within the next 10 years.

The self-proclaimed physic says the national team will ensure footballing glory at the sport’s biggest tournament even if they do not return home victorious from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Uri told the Daily Star: “I believe that England will once more win the World Cup – definitely in the coming decade.

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“That’s my vision and I have never actually been wrong in my far projection of what I see. It’s called remote viewing and I send my mind through space and time and I come back with information.”

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The mystifer, who previously said he would be willing to help Gareth Southgate’s men in Qatar by hovering over the stadium in a helicopter, pointed out that he has already signed England’s World Cup winning football.

The ball that was used in the 1966 tournament in which England won the final against West Germany is engrained with Uri’s initials in a move he says will help the push to win the trophy for a second time.

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He explained: “I signed that football for good luck. Some people say it’s defacing it and I shouldn’t have done it…

“Who cares? I want England to win the World Cup.”

The Israeli-British mindblower claims he has ensured footballing success for the Three Lions already by moving the ball on the penalty spot when England beat Scotland in Euro 96.

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But he says he is “not a miracle worker” and it is now up to England fans themselves to make sure football comes home once more – by following his specific instructions.

The 75-year-old says supporters should repeat the target in their mind every night before bed and visualise the winning scenes.

“Shout and speak clearly, don't mumble. How else do you expect the team to feel you and hear you?” he added.

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