The US Government has at least 24 videos of UFOs it has never released.

They relate to 19 separate sightings within six months in the second half of 2019.

The existence of the video footage emerged in response to a Freedom Of Information Act request to the US Navy.

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The Pentagon has refused to release the material claiming to do so would jeopardise sensitive “sources and methods”.

But officials were last night (thurs) under pressure to show the clips in light of the on-going probe into 144 reported close encounters between Top Gun military pilots and mysterious craft.

Marik von Rennenkampff, a former analyst with the US State Department’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, told political website The Hill: "The Pentagon has at least two dozen, and likely far more, UFO videos in its possession.

“Despite public commitments to transparency officials refuse to release any of the footage.

“But the government’s rationale – that disclosure would jeopardise sensitive `sources and methods’ – likely holds no water with many of the videos.

“The Navy confirmed that 24 videos are associated with 19 UFO reports spanning June through December 2019.

“If the Pentagon continued receiving 20 UFO videos every six months it would have well over 100 videos in its possession by now."

He also claimed officials possess UFO data recorded by satellites which may not have been released for fear of "jeopardising sensitive platforms and capabilities".

The analyst added: "The public release of non-sensitive UFO videos could quickly resolve several cases.

"The Pentagon must abide by its emphatic commitments to transparency and release all such UFO footage.’’

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