Top US politicians have been given top-secret briefing where they’ve been shown incontrovertible evidence of anomalous craft, an investigative journalist has claimed.

Ross Coulthart suggested US congressmen and women were “trying to outdo each other” with confessions about a flurry of alien briefings from leading military ”commanding generals”.

He said the spate of activity from US politicians made it “clear” that at least two congressmen in “key” government positions had been given “top secret briefings”.

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Mr Coulthart was speaking on That UFO Podcast following admissions from Tennessee congressman Tim Burchett toNewsweekthat he believed the US has “recovered a craft at some point” and that UFO technology may now be “being reverse-engineered right now”.

Ross explained: “An issue that was very much on the fringe… all of a sudden it’s become, almost by accident, a huge concern to the Congress.”

He noted that the amount of discussion about it came in the wake of four mysterious objects shot down over North American airspace.

The reporter explained how this had led to a greater number of people relating these events to claims of briefings from politicians.

He said the two issues had now joined and were “now a priority of… both sides of the Congress”.

“It’s almost like they [the two sides of Congress] are trying to outdo each other," Ross continued.

“As soon as you get Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand from the Democrats saying she’s doing her level best to ensure AARO [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, an office designed to make the sharing of UFO intelligence easier between branches of US defence] gets funding.

“Up pops Tim Burchett and Matt Gaetz from Florida basically saying they’ve just had a secret briefing in Florida about video or some kind of imagery [that was] shown by the ‘commanding general’ of a base.”

“By putting all [of these revelations] together two Republican congressmen, both sitting on key oversight committees, have been given a very secret top-secret briefing where they’ve been shown incontrovertible evidence of anomalous craft.

“Four anonymous craft, flying very close to US aircraft.”


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