Vain bear has rangers in stitches after taking 400 selfies in one night

Park rangers checked one of their trail cameras to discover an incredibly vain bear had taken more than 400 selfies in one night.

The government body, Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) was so blown away that they shared their snapper on their social media.

The authority told how out of the 580 pictures the camera captured that night – more than 400 were bear selfies.

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The vain black bear showed off a variety of poses but OSMP shared some of the best snaps.

The photos were originally shared to the park's Instagram account last year but were republished on its Twitter account on January 23, 2023.

The original post was captioned: “This bear discovered the ranger’s wildlife camera Wednesday night. Of the 580 photos, about 400 were bear selfies.”

The recent tweet featured a similar caption along with a link to where wildlife enthusiasts could learn more about the wildlife camera, which they use to track bears, deer and other Animals.

In one shot the bear stared straight into the lens, in another the bear slightly looked away, and even showed its long-nosed side profile and stuck out its tongue, as reports METRO.

Commenting under the Instagram post, one user asked: “Love it!!! Can we see the rest??? Please!! She’s gorgeous!”

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Another said: “Finally! An "influencer" who doesn't use vanity filters”

“I love it! So many Selfies! If she's a female she's Kim-bearly Kardashian! This bear is amazing! Thank you for sharing!” joked a third.

Another asked the rangers: “How long before they begin hibernating?!”

The park authority responded by saying: “Many bears are already hibernating. Perhaps this is a younger bear trying to get the hang of things, and to pack on a few more pounds?”

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OSMP showed the bear selfies to draw awareness to how it uses wildlife cameras to observe habitats.

“The motion-detecting cameras provide us a unique opportunity to learn more about how local species use the landscape around us while minimizing our presence in sensitive habitats,” said OSMP senior wildlife ecologist Will Keeley in a blog post.

“These cameras play an important role in helping OSMP staff identify important wildlife areas. The information we collect from them is used to recommend habitat-protective measures to help protect sensitive natural areas.”

OSMP has nine cameras across the 46,000 acres of land it oversees.

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