A woman has been left distraught after being given beef in her vegan Subway wrap.

Mhairi Taylor, who is a vegan, doesn't eat meat because she doesn't like to fill herself with "murdered beings or get bowel cancer”.

But the 30-year-old was shocked when she bought a vegan wrap from the fast-food sandwich chain on St Mirren Street in Paisley, Scotland, took a bit and found a whopping great big beef patty inside her meal.

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She had ordered a plant patty wrap, but instantly knew something was wrong.

She said it tasted “really bad”, and was left feeling sick.

She told staff at the branch of their mistake but says she was met with "vacant" expressions and "robotic" responses which made her tear up.

Mhairi has vowed never to return to the sandwich franchise because she felt like "nobody cared" and says she did not receive a response from Subway.

Posting about her experience on Twitter, Mhairi blasted the "big beef blunder" and lamented that she had accidentally eaten a "murdered sentient being" and a "carcinogen".

A spokesman from Subway said that the franchise reached out to apologise to the customer over the "isolated incident".

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Mhairi, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, said: “I don't want to ingest a carcinogen, I don't want to get bowel cancer.

“That matters a lot to me, and as soon as I became aware of this after becoming vegan, it became a huge thing for me.

“I definitely won't be eating at Subway ever again – it totally put me off.

“It feels like they took no care in preparing my meal.

“It was really traumatic for me to eat a piece of meat, but I won't die.”

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Mhairi, who has been vegan for two years, says that a similar incident happened with a local Chinese takeaway – but they rectified the situation immediately.

A spokesman for Subway said: “Subway stores are independently owned and operated with training given to all employees on avoiding cross contamination of ingredients.

“The franchisee has reached out to the guest to apologise and has offered them a complimentary meal.

“This was an isolated incident, which is currently being investigated.”

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