A man obsessed with collecting VHS tapes has amassed so many he has created a replica Blockbuster store in his home.

The VHS enthusiast — known only as 'The Mayor' — has collected well over 10,000 tapes, including extremely rare "video nasty" tapes released before the introduction of age ratings.

He describes his passion as a "full-time occupation" and has traveled around the UK to find videos since he began collecting in 1993.

The stunning collection is displayed in floor to ceiling shelves at his Liverpool home, with one room recreating an old Blockbusters rental store complete with a sign.

The chain is now defunct in the UK as most people no longer watch videos on VHS.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, The Mayor said: "These things are collector's items. I had 10,000 in 2017 but I'm always getting job lots in — including another 2,000 this month alone.

"I'm always building it and building it. It's a full-time occupation and I travel all over the country to get video collections."

One of the largest came from a video store in the West Midlands when it closed down. The store has now been recreated in one room, complete with its stock on the original blue rack displays.

But The Mayor has also dug out videos from some more unusual places — including a skip in Watford.

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The Mayor also has multiple copies of some titles — such as Alien and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — because the packaging changed over time, depending on whether it was a 'pre-cert' or 'post-cert' copy.

There is also a whole wall dedicated to video nasties from before they were banned by the BBFC in the 1980s, including titles such as Cannibal Holocaust and The Last House on the Left.

"The collection as a whole is irreplaceable and must be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds," he said.

"My collection has grown massively in recent years, through buying various job lots on eBay and other sources.

"I have no idea how many I actually own as it would be very hard to count, but there are absolutely thousands here and it must be one of the biggest in the country.

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"But now I'm running out of room. I need to get my museum off the ground."

The Mayor added: "It's a fun passion, it keeps me entertained and I don't think I could ever sell them. Every tape that I've not got that comes in goes straight into the collection."

The shrine to VHS was discovered by local historian John Lunt, who said: "It's mind blowing. It's not just the collection, it's presented to make it look like a real video store."

The Mayor is now hoping to create a museum where he can display his collection to the public.

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