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Social media users are equally impressed and intimidated by a viral photo of a "ripped" squirrel with what seems to be a huge pair of nuts — and not the edible kind.

Sarah Lenzenhuber snapped the critter outside her apartment in Missouri, USA, last week.

"I saw him while out walking my dog, did a double take and then doubled over laughing," Sarah told Jam Press.

"I wasn't sure if I should post it anywhere but then my grade school sense of humour got the best of me."

Sarah later shared the image on Facebook, where the post has attracted more than 4,000 likes and 800 comments.

In the image, the squirrel stands upright next to a tree and poses unashamedly for the camera – showing off a physique that people online have dubbed "ripped" thanks to his apparent "six pack" and "abs".

But eagle-eyed viewers couldn't help but focus on something a little further south… as the rodent appears to have an unusually large scrotum.

"His nuts are bigger than his head," one person commented.

Another person said: "Wow, he's got quite the stockpile of nuts for the winter."

"The nuts go in your cheeks buddy," someone else pointed out.

"His nuts are bigger than my partner's," joked another person.

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  • "Is it sad I'm jealous?" asked someone else.

    Another person said: "I'll bet he has to be careful climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch – ouchee." [sic]

    "Is this normal? I mean they're the size of his head," one person pointed out.

    Other viewers called the snap "shocking" and "impressive", while one fan dubbed the squirrel a "show off".

    "Nut to squirrel ratio warrants addressing this squirrel as 'Sir' indeed," one person insisted.

    Although the male rodent appears to be particularly well-endowed, according to National Geographic, male squirrels have a scrotum that is 20% of their body length, excluding the tail.

    As well as his seemingly sizeable scrotum, the creature's entire physique commands attention from his new fan base.

    "Dude not only is he endowed, he's ripped – look at those pecs," one person said.

    Another person commented: "Does he have a six pack too?"

    "Wow, those abs!," someone else said.

    One fan pointed out that the squirrel didn't seem to miss out on leg day, drawing attention to the animal's muscular thighs.

    "Dude that squirrel is ripped – and he isn't very good at squirreling away his nuts, by the looks of things," another person joked.

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    Another person said: "Ladies, he's single and very ready to mingle."

    One fan had a theory for the squirrel's appearance – and said he must eat "high testosterone acorns".

    "Someone looks mighty pleased with themselves," another person said.

    The "confident" squirrel now has a legion of fans who were quick to defend his stance, with one saying: "If I was hung like that, I'd stand that way too."

    "When you've got it, flaunt it," another person commented.

    One particularly impressed fan even felt the creature should be on the big screen, saying he "belongs in a movie".

    But not everyone was a fan of the popular snap.

    "I can't unsee this," one person wrote.

    The post set off a debate on which animals were "most hung", with commenters pointing to ducks, bats, turtles and even baby mice.

    "We rescued a baby mouse once. I was surprised at how well endowed the little fella was," one person said.

    Another person warned: "Google duck penis. And be afraid. Be very afraid."

    Someone else said a turtle penis was "something to behold", while another person advised searching for an image of a bat's phallus.

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