The hair can envelop the entire patient and is better known by its nickname “Werewolf Syndrome” after the mythical humans from folklore who transform into a wolf at night.

One Reddit user, u/DrySamson522, took to the social media platform to share two photos of one patient with the condition.

The photographs show a man with hair covering his back and left shoulder. His face is not shown and it is not clear where he is. Fellow Reddit users were shocked by what they saw.

One user wrote: “Fur real!” Furthermore, other respondents made jokes about werewolves and what could happen to the patient when there’s a full moon.

Werewolf Syndrome affects just 50 patients in the entire world. Research has revealed there are several types of the syndrome.

One example of this is hypertrichosis lanuginosa which occurs when hair begins to cover the entire body soon after birth.

Patients with the condition can sometimes face difficult lives as they become targets for bullying due to their unusual appearance. However, some have embraced their eccentric health condition and are pushing through adversity to live a normal life.

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This includes Lalit Patidar; a teenager from the village of Nandleta in Madhya Pradesh, India. Speaking to LadBible Lalit’s mum, Pravatibai, said: “I saw him half an hour after the birth and his whole body was covered in hair.”

Lalit’s dad, Bankatlal added: “The nurse was startled when she saw him. She called the doctor in and asked him what was wrong. The doctor said not to worry, he’s fine. The doctor didn’t do anything, he just shaved his hair and that’s all.”

Although Lalit learned to accept his condition, as he grew older he faced intense bullying from fellow children at school.

He said: “I was not upset when the hair started to grow because I was very young at that time, but my family members and my parents used to worry a lot about me.”

Lalit added: “Small children used to get scared seeing me, and as a child I did not know why. As I grew up I realised that my whole body had hair and that was not like everyone else. Kids were worried I would come back to bite them like an animal.”

Lalit said that despite the bullying he has always tried to remain positive and embrace his uniqueness. He said: “I slowly realised that I have hair all over my body and I am different from common humans in a good way, I am unique

“I got to learn many things during my journey, most importantly I got to learn that I am one-in-a-million, I should never give up and live life to the fullest I always want to move forward and be happy.

“No matter what others may say we should never give up in life, we should always be happy and always be positive in life.”

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