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Werewolf hunters have been warned to be on full alert as August’s full moon approaches.

While maybe not at the top of everyone's list of life-threatening dangers, a group of enthusiasts have warned that tonight (Thursday, August 11) could be a time when the hard-to-spot beasts are on the loose.

The Sturgeon moon gets its name because people have historically done a lot of fishing in August.

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According toMystic Investigationsthis Sturgeon moon, which can also go by the name of Green Corn moon, will see werewolves “still be a monstrous menace as usual”.

They claim that werewolves have popped up across the Blue Planet on multiple occasions, “darting about the dark moonlit shadows hunting various unlucky animals”.

The terror doesn’t stop there though, because the paranormal-mad ‘investigation organisation’ say that the smell of a human will drive them wild.

Mystic Investigations say that if werewolves pick up the human scent these “hellish creatures” will “terminate them with extreme prejudice”.

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Claims have been made by the service that many deaths have been covered up by the US Government.

“Don't be another werewolf victim whose death is covered up by the US Paranormal Defence Agency or blamed on actual wolves, rabid dogs, or even bears,” say Mystic Investigations.

They advise staying inside from dusk until dawn to be on the safe side.

The Sturgeon moon will reach its peak tonight, August 11, and although it is not due to be as large or impressive as July’s full moon it could well be worth taking a peek at.

Just watch out for those werewolves if you do decide to brave your garden.


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