Wetherspoons fans are up in arms over a major shake-up to the chain’s menu after eagle-eyed patrons noticed several of their favourite meals had disappeared.

Pub regular Jake Harrison posted in a Wetherspoon Facebook fan group to complain about the changes after spotting that his go-to order had been dropped, writing: "They’ve changed the menu!

"The Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap has gone, along with the Simple Curries! The Half Roast Chicken dishes are nowhere to be seen either! I am both shocked and appalled!"

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This is despite the fact that other people in the group said the Simple Curries were available at other branches.

Others pointed out that tuna options at her local Wetherspoons had disappeared, in a bizarre move that many online saw as menu madness.

One insider, who works at a branch of the immensely popular chain, revealed that the change was made to make it easier for staff to deal with customers: "It will vary from one pub to another. It’s so we can focus on getting food out quicker and therefore turn tables over quicker.

"So the quiet ones will still have the full menu. My pub no longer does the chilli chicken wrap, sausage and mash, steak and kidney pudding, gammon, Quorn nuggets, pancakes, halloumi and veg salad, burrito salad, tuna or smashed avocado muffin,” they added.

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A Wetherspoons spokesperson confirmed this when asked byBirminghamLive, saying: "There are a number of pubs, generally our busier pubs or city centre pubs, where the menu has had a few dishes removed. The reason for the removal is to simplify the operation, a smaller menu is easier to deliver in high volume."

It comes a month after Wetherspoons confirmed it had increased prices on food and drink by 7.5 per cent. Some customers were left reeling after the price hike added around 29p to the cost of a pint, while bosses maintained the new prices were still 'very competitive'.

Few understood why the pub chain made the seemingly erratic changes, with one person saying: "I can understand them getting rid of certain menu items, but to stop selling the Simple curries just seems bizarre. I mean it’s just the normal curries without the poppadoms and naan bread."


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